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Justin Theroux Mood Theme

Rules & Regulations:
- Credit me in your info
- Do not alter images without permission
- Comment if you're going to download

Download the rar file:

- 132 different mood 82x42 icons in gif format
- code text file

- Justin Theroux Online

- Paid Accounts:
1. Go to Admin Console (
2. Type: moodtheme_create "Mood theme name" "by username" (you can change mood theme name and username, keep the quotation mark)
3. Click Execute
4. It'll give you your mood theme number. Open text.txt and replace 1234 with your new mood theme number (keep Admin Console open)
5. Upload the images somewhere (your domain, photobucket, etc) and replace
6. Once you are done, copy everything in text.txt and paste it in the box in Admin Console.
7. Click Execute
8. If everything is done correctly it would say 'Data Inserted' over and over. If not then go back and check what you did wrong
9. Go to Modify Journal (
10. Find 'Mood Icons' and select the mood theme in the drop down menu.
11. Click Save Changes.

Credit to blowqueen

- Free Accounts:
Follow instructions located here.

I hope you guys enjoy it and just let me know if there are any complications.
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