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from the boston globe today:

Anyone who thinks acting is glamorous should trade places with Justin Theroux. Huddled on freezing Wachusett Mountain the other night, the "Six Feet Under" star was beginning to wonder what he'd gotten himself into. "A lot of this movie takes place outside and at night, and it's supposed to be fall," said Theroux, who's filming "The Legend of Lucy Keyes" in tiny Princeton, Mass. "There we are dressed for fall in our white sweaters and trendy jackets, and it feels like winter." (The ghost story, also starring Julie Delpy, is being produced by Boston-based Moody Street Pictures and directed by Princeton native John Stimpson.) When this wraps, Theroux is headed back to Hollywood to work on a film he wrote with Ben Stiller, and then to India to do a movie with Ismael Merchant and James Ivory. Oh, wait, acting is glamorous.
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